Friday, November 11, 2011

CLax logos- you win some, you lose some

CLax unveiled their team logos last night which allows us to have a little fun and take a deeper look at each logo.

The logos can be found here on their website:

The Winners
Brampton Inferno- I love this logo. It's interesting and different and will look wonderful on just about anything. It also can be broken down into parts for future marketing items

Durham Turfdogs- Although a little staid with the use of a Bulldog since the Turfdog is a mythical creature, I really like the typeset and the colours work great. Solid all around.

The Not to Shabby
Peel Avengers- I like the stylized Avenger with the lacrosse stick. I like the colour scheme. I hate the shield. It just dwarfs the Avenger behind it and looks like a totem pole raven. Get rid of that and this logo is a winner.

Iroquois Ironmen- I would have rated this one higher had they just used a circle in the background. The use of the dreamcatcher really takes away from the logo. Too heavy on the native symbolism (moccasins, colour scheme, Native Warrior PLUS the dreamcatcher). If you imagine the logo without the feathers it's right up there with the Brampton Inferno logo.

The Ughs
Oshawa Machine- This looks like it was the last logo designed. It would have been better to turn the word "Machine" into some sort of stylized collection of machine parts. Plain and simple, it's boring.

Ohsweken Demons- Listen I think the name is awful. They stuck themselves with little wiggle room for interpretation on a logo. This logo looks like a Disney version of Hell. The giant sticks look like soft lacrosse sticks. The Demon/Devil is more cute than demonic. The flames are too distracting. If they change up the "demon", reduce the size of the flames and the sticks then maybe we've got something but right now it's just an eye sore.

On the positive side, it's nice to have logos to debate. I think you've got 4 logos that are either good with potential to be great or are great already and 2 drab logos that need a rethink. When I think of all the logos in the Pro Sports world, I struggle to find a league where I like even 50% of the logos so two out of three is a success!