Friday, November 11, 2011

CLax logos- you win some, you lose some

CLax unveiled their team logos last night which allows us to have a little fun and take a deeper look at each logo.

The logos can be found here on their website:

The Winners
Brampton Inferno- I love this logo. It's interesting and different and will look wonderful on just about anything. It also can be broken down into parts for future marketing items

Durham Turfdogs- Although a little staid with the use of a Bulldog since the Turfdog is a mythical creature, I really like the typeset and the colours work great. Solid all around.

The Not to Shabby
Peel Avengers- I like the stylized Avenger with the lacrosse stick. I like the colour scheme. I hate the shield. It just dwarfs the Avenger behind it and looks like a totem pole raven. Get rid of that and this logo is a winner.

Iroquois Ironmen- I would have rated this one higher had they just used a circle in the background. The use of the dreamcatcher really takes away from the logo. Too heavy on the native symbolism (moccasins, colour scheme, Native Warrior PLUS the dreamcatcher). If you imagine the logo without the feathers it's right up there with the Brampton Inferno logo.

The Ughs
Oshawa Machine- This looks like it was the last logo designed. It would have been better to turn the word "Machine" into some sort of stylized collection of machine parts. Plain and simple, it's boring.

Ohsweken Demons- Listen I think the name is awful. They stuck themselves with little wiggle room for interpretation on a logo. This logo looks like a Disney version of Hell. The giant sticks look like soft lacrosse sticks. The Demon/Devil is more cute than demonic. The flames are too distracting. If they change up the "demon", reduce the size of the flames and the sticks then maybe we've got something but right now it's just an eye sore.

On the positive side, it's nice to have logos to debate. I think you've got 4 logos that are either good with potential to be great or are great already and 2 drab logos that need a rethink. When I think of all the logos in the Pro Sports world, I struggle to find a league where I like even 50% of the logos so two out of three is a success!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lax battle brewing?

Has the inception of CLax created a problem for OLA Jr. A?

A source confirmed that this past weekend's Jr. A Council meeting had a lengthy discussion on the pending CLax Pro league that is planning to start this weekend. With players receiving remuneration from CLax the discussion centered on the increasing number of Jr. A players in the NCAA becoming co-mingled with "professionals" of CLax and NLL.

Given the NCAA's harsh stance on paid players (even though they have a long documented history of boosterism paying under the table in the money sports of basketball and football)could the beginning of CLax actually harm the Jr. A League? Quite possibly it could, but let's look at some details.

This past season the Orangeville Northmen had both Jason and Jeremy Noble at NCAA institutions. They also had Rob Hellyer on the roster of the Toronto Rock of the NLL. Whitby had Matthews, Cockerton and Lintner among their large NCAA contingent while John Lafontaine played with the Edmonton Rush. So the current system seems to point to NCAA acceptance of co-mingled amateurs and professionals in a non-professional league.

Does the NCAA overlook this because the number of professionals in Junior A is limited? Do they overlook it because they just don't have the time to check it out? No one knows but it's worth investigating.

Where does CLax impact the delicate balance? Well if we presume that the NCAA is merely looking at the few pros playing in a large amateur league and choosing to ignore it as a limited problem, then adding more pros from CLax to the Jr. A League may spur them to change their mind.

If the NCAA decides that Zach Palmer (Johns Hopkins) or Brad Gillies (RIT) would be ineligible for the respective schools if they played Junior A lacrosse that would be a catastrophe for Junior A. No player will give up a chance for a subsidized, quality education to play Junior A Lacrosse. This is obviously of great concern to the Junior A teams here in Ontario and one that bears further monitoring.

More to follow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is this the best summer season ever?

Now that the Mann Cup has finished, we can wrap up the real lacrosse season with a nice and neat bow. 2011 was the gift that kept giving in Ontario and one that will be tough to top for it's competitiveness at all levels.

The MSL had 4 quality teams and it looked like we might have our first year in 10 without Peterborough vs Brampton. The star-studded Lakers eventually pulled it out in Game 7 over Six Nations and the Excelsiors slammed the door on Brooklin after starting down 2-0 in the series to set up the inevitable. But this time it was the rebuilt squad from Brampton that upset the Lakers to earn a trip to BC. In BC they exerted their defensive will on the host team and won the Mann Cup in 5 games.

The Jr. A league was the most wide open it has been in several years. Whitby and Six Nations were the pre-season favourites but the rebuilding Northmen ran off a serious winning streak to finish first overall. After first round sweeps, the second round set up Whitby vs Nations and Oville vs Peterborough. The Warriors and Arrows series turned on the most improbable comeback victory by Whitby (The half-second miracle as we dubbed it). The Lakers got down in a big hole vs Orangeville before riding the hot goaltending of Tye Belanger to force a Game 7 at the Bunny Barn. Sadly all good fairy tales have an end and the Northmen eeked out a Game 7 W and headed to face Whitby for all the marbles. The final series was marked by some excellent play and wild momentum swings. Whitby won Game 3 on the road to force the pressure which the Northmen handled with great aplomb to force Game 7 back in the friendly confines of Tony Rose. With a trip to Okotoks on the line (will I ever say that again??), Zack Higgins played inspired in the net for two periods to keep his team close. A great third period by Whitby allowed them to secure the 1 goal victory and their boarding passes to Calgary. At the Minto Cup things looked dire after Coquitlam handed the Warriors their lunch in the round robin and also took game 1 of the Best of Three final. Zack Higgins again would provide the difference as he and the unhearalded Warriors D corps shut down Coquitlam in Game 2 and 3 to bring the Minto Cup home to Whitby.

The Jr. B season saw 4 teams seperate themselves as the season wore on. Halton, Six Nations, Elora and the Gaels all met up in the divisional finals. Halton's D shut down the high flying Gaels in the East but Elora could not repeat their 2010 upset of the Rebels who won the West. In the Ontario Final it was a back and forth affair with the Rebels winning Game 4 on the road and Game 5 at home to secure their trip to Saskatoon. In Saskatoon they ran roughshod over their preliminary group before facing a strong Calgary Mountaineers team in the final. In a high scoring contest you take the Nations and they didn't disappoint with a 14-11 victory and the Founders Cup title.

In Minor you saw a tightly contested Midget A Qualifier which saw one unlucky team head home without qualifying after putting together an above .500 record. Ontario swept the Minor Nationals winning Peewee with ease and taking Bantam and Midget in hotly contested matches before a partisan crowd at the Lax Festival.

The only National title not won this yearby Ontario? The Sr. B President's Cup won by St. Regis over the Snake Island Muskies (our favourite name in lax).

The question now? Is this the best season for one province in the history of the game?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ontario Jr. A Final Game 7

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ontario Jr. A Final Game 6

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ontario Jr. A Final Game 5

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ontario Jr. A Final Game 3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ontario Jr A Finals Game 2

Sunday, July 24, 2011

LLB Live- Peterborough at Orangeville

Friday, July 22, 2011

LLB Live- Six Nations at Whitby

Thursday, July 21, 2011

LLB Live Whitby at Six Nations- Game Notes "The Half Second Miracle"

Thanks to all our fans who followed our sorta live blog. Unfortunately we couldn't get our posts onto the blog for the last 30 minutes of the game due to a weak network signal....which is too bad because what looked like an Arrows victory turned into one of the more memorable comebacks of the past few years.

Here are some of my thoughts from the game:
1- Alex Kedoh Hill is the best player I have seen in Jr. A this year. His work and effort when he doesn't have the ball is what stands out. He is always moving and the ball isn't in his stick for very long unless he is attacking the net. He danced between 3 Whitby players late in the third period tonight and it was a thing of beauty.
2- Whitby's big guns are always a threat but they don't work hard enough all the time and it's holding them back. I thought Whitby's best offensive players were Knight and Lintner because they played hard every time they were on the floor. Both got 2 goals and had plenty of other chances. Mark Matthews played hard for the most part but took a few shifts off and it showed...especially in the second when he got outworked on a couple of looseballs including one that ended up in a short handed goal against.
3- The battle of the 92's! For the last half of the game it was longtime goalie rivals Warren Hill and Alexis Buque going save for save in a great display of goaltending. These two have faced each other many times before and it seemed to inspire them to play great. Buque in particular came in with a 4 goal deficit and slammed the door shut to earn a big W for the Warriors.
4- Six Nations stopped playing on Offence. They got their 9th goal on a great hidden ball trick that totally fooled the Whitby team. The problem? Six Nations tried to run it 3-4 more times and it seemed to me that they stopped playing hard (it was 9-6 after that goal but Whitby scored shortly afterwards) thinking that the goal was "icing on the cake". Defensively they played well and deserved a better result but they got no real scoring chances and Whitby eventually scored to tie it. It also seemed to coincide with the departure of Josh Ruys who left in the third with an undisclosed injury. Ruys isn't putting up nig numbers but his presence clears a lot of space for Kedoh Hill and the rest of the offence and without him they seemed out of sorts.
5- The ending was shocking. I am sure there are hometown fans still wondering what happened. Whitby had been pulling the goalie for the final 2 minutes with no real scoring chances. Mark Matthews gets the ball and cuts across the top late and then fires a bullet past Hill who was handcuffed by the shot. 8 seconds to go and it's 9-8! Whitby needs to win the draw clean and push it ahead for the tie....they hadn't won a draw clean all night but Kyle Lindsay did just that. Lafontaine pushed the ball ahead to Mark Cockerton who rifled it over Hill's shoulder with half a second to go. The crowd and home team never recovered and Whitby put the finish on the game with an OT goal. The power of "Never say never" was in full force and one of the more unlikely endings in quite some time.

Game 4 is Saturday night in Whitby. This was a huge victory for the Warriors but they need to play better at home so they don't waste the big win tonight. Six Nations needs to play a full game on the front door.

No shenanigans at all which is not unexpected after the overhyped anticipation of retribution after game 2. Dan Lintner has his knee tapped but looked no worse for the wear during the game

LLB Live Playoff Edition- Whitby at Six Nations Jr. A

Monday, July 4, 2011

OLA Jr. B Quarter-finals

The OLA Jr. B Quarter-finals are set and ready to go. Check back for all the schedules as they get updated.

Eastern Conference

Green Gaels (1) vs Newmarket (6) Green Gaels win 3-0
Thurs. July 7- 8pm at Green Gaels
Fri. July 8- 8pm at Newmarket
Sun. July 10- 2pm at Green Gaels
Fri. July 15- 8pm at Newmarket (if necessary)
Sun. July 17- 2pm at Green Gael

Halton Hills (2) vs Akwesasne (4) Halton Hills leads 2-0
Sat. July 9- 8pm at Akwesasne
Sun. July 10 -2pm at Akwesasne
Fri. July 15- 8pm at Halton Hills
Sat. July 16- 7:30pm at Halton Hills (if necessary)
Sun. July 17- 2pm at Halton Hills (if necessary)

Western Conference

Six Nations (1) vs Windsor (4) Six Nations leads 2-0
Fri. July 8- 8pm at Six Nations
Tues. July 12- 8pm at Windsor
Sat. July 16- 7pm at Six Nations
Sun. July 17- 7pm at Windsor (if necessary)
Tues. July 19- 8pm at Six Nations (if necessary)

Elora (2) vs Orangeville (3) Series tied 1-1
Fri. July 8- 8pm at Elora
Mon. July 11- 8pm at Orangeville
Thurs. July 14- 8pm at Elora
Sat. July 16- 7pm at Orangeville
Sun. July 17-7pm at Elora (if necessary)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LLB Live- Spartan at Orangeville- Jr. B Playoffs

Jr. B Playoff Schedules

Your one stop shop for all the schedules in the Round of 16. Schedules will be updated as the series are made available.

East Conference
Green Gaels (1) vs Missy(8)- Gaels win 3-0
Sat. June 25- 7:30pm at Green Gaels
Mon. June 27- 8pm at Mississauga
Thurs. June 30- 8pm at Green Gaels
Sat. July 2- 7pm at Mississauga (if necessary)
Sun. July 3- 2pm at Green Gaels (if necessary)

Halton Hills (2) vs Markham (7)- Halton win 3-0
Sat. June 25- 7:30pm at Halton
Tues. June 28- 8pm at Markham
Thurs. June 30- 8pm at Halton
Sat. July 2- 7pm at Markham (if necessary)
Tues. July 5- 8pm at Halton Hills (if necessary)

Kahnawake (3) vs Newmarket (6)- Newmarket wins 3-1
Sat. June 25- 6pm at Kahnawake
Sun. June 26- 12pm at Kahnawake
Fri. July 1- 6pm at Newmarket
Sat. July 2- 7pm at Newmarket
Sun. July 3- 2pm at Newmarket (if necessary)

Oakville (5) vs Akwesasne (4)- Akwesasne wins 3-1
Sat. June 25- 8:30pm at Oakville
Sun. June 26- 6pm at Oakville
Fri. July 1- 8pm at Akwesasne
Sat. July 2- 3pm at Akwesasne
Sun. July 3- 2pm at Akwesasne (if necessary)

West Conference
Six Nations (1) vs Wallaceburg (8)- Six Nations win 3-0
Sat. June 25- 8pm at Wallaceburg
Sun. June 26- 7pm at Six Nations
Thurs. June 30- 8pm at Six Nations
Sat. July 2- 7pm at Wallaceburg (if necessary)
Sun. July 3- 7pm at Six Nations (if necessary)

Elora (2) vs London (7)- Elora wins 3-0
Fri. June 24- 8pm at Elora
Sun. June 26- 7pm at London
Thurs. June 30- 8pm at Elora
Sat. July 2- 7pm at London )if necessary)
Game 5 TBA at Elora (if necessary)

Windsor (3) vs Guelph (6)- Windsor wins 3-1
Sat. June 25- 7pm at Windsor
Sun. June 26- 7pm at Guelph
Sat. July 2- 7pm at Windsor
Sun. July 3- 7pm at Guelph
Tues. July 5- 8pm at Windsor (if necessary)

Orangeville (4) vs Spartan (5)- Orangeville wins 3-0
Fri. June 24- 8:30pm at Orangeville
Sun. June 26- 7pm at Spartan
Thurs. June 30- 8:30pm at Orangeville
Sun. July 3- 7pm at Spartan (if necessary)
Mon. July 4- 8:30pm at Orangeville (if necessary)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LLB Live- Mimico at Oakville (JR. B)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lax Links for April 18, 2011

We had to take last week off due to a death in our close family (RIP FH) but we're back and ready to go. NLL Playoffs just around the corner, NCAA league playoffs are near and the first games of the OLA Jr. B season have happened. It's like Lax Christmas!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lax Links for April 4, 2011

We have reports from the Big City Classic clash between the 'Cuse and the Dukies, Calgary and Minny's home and home weekend and a 14 year old girl who is doing Lacrosse proud in Delta, BC.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spartan Jr. B Tournament Schedule

The Spartan Jr. B Warriors host their annual pre-season Jr. B tournament on Saturday, April 9th at Merrtiton Arena. The schedule can be found below. LiveLaxBlog will provide score updates via our Twitter feed:






Monday, March 28, 2011

Lax Links for March 28, 2011

After a week off (still 3 weeks shorter than the NLL's in season vacation) we're back with more tantalizing lax news for you to enjoy over the week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Nations Rebels Jr. B Tournament Schedule

Finally some real, live lacrosse! The Jr. B Rebels host their annual pre-season tournament this Saturday at the ILA. Here is the schedule and follow us on Twitter for score updates at the conclusion of each game:

 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lax Links for March 14, 2011

With a dearth of NLL game reports we went to the well for a few player profiles. Interesting to note the increased reporting on player's stories from Calgary, are the media trying to drive fans to the Saddledome to save the squad?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lax Links for March 7, 2011

News from around the Lax world (well only North America this time....oh how I miss the Cardiff Harlequins). Included this week are reports on the 'Cuse vs UVA (photos included), one stupidly named team is suing a badly named team and some highlights of NLL game results.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

And he bequeathed to us, The Bible of Lax!

And He bequeathed to us, The Bible of Lax!
Editorial By Sam Rook

No one knows what possessed Larry Power to start The Bible of Lacrosse. It’s probably because he loves the game and the mythical history of the modern game. Whatever drives him to research game results from archives across the province, it is one of the most important jobs currently being done for our game.

The Bible of Lacrosse is not just a compilation of historical statistics, it’s a living, breathing record of our game. From historical game reports from the early 20th Century to his interview series with old stars, The Bible is all-encompassing. The Bible of Lacrosse brings to the game to our homes. It is a travelling Hall of Fame but with far more to offer than the Hall of Fame.

It is important that we all share and contribute to The Bible. Lacrosse is the game we all love. It has become part of our lives that could never have been envisioned when we first picked up a stick. Larry Power no longer plays the game, I don’t even know if he ever actually did play. I do know this though, without Larry and his extensive work our game would be lesser.

Other sports have mythologized their history. Baseball still mentions Babe Ruth as a giant of the game and he played in the 1920’s. We have been far too slow to join this push. Gaylord Powless was a giant of a man. Yet few even know of his existence, inside or outside the game. Lacrosse needs not one Larry Power, but 10 Larry Powers.

To visit The Bible of Lacrosse click here:

Monday, February 28, 2011

Lax Links for February 28, 2011

Yes I know there were no Lax Links for February 21st. Let's blame a holiday and a busy week for cutting into our news collating time.

And now this week's Lax Links.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lax Links for your sweethearts

It's Valentine's Day. The Hallmark and Carleton Cards people are having a field day and Roses are more overpriced than Vegas Real Estate in 2007. So for some enjoyment here are this week's Lax Links:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lax Links for February 7, 2011

We're trying a new way to bring you the lax links this week. Just click this one handy little link to go directly to everything you've ever wanted to read on Lax...for this week at least

Monday, January 31, 2011

Lax Links for January 31

Lots of outside the game news this week.

KKR selling 20% interest in Maverick Lacrosse...err make that Bauer Sports.
Get them while they are hot!

Alex Kedoh Hill works magic on the floor and with the strings
I'm handing him my stick after the turn around he did for Brodie Merrill's game with a few quick string changes.

Lacrosse Summit in the Nations
Sounds very promising....hopefully future events are better promoted to increase attendance

Johnny Mouridian = traitor!
Okay not really, but a good article on his efforts to rebuild the Philly Wings around a more American Player roster.

Now to the game action!

Since you are huge followers of the English Premiership
Who needs Chelsea, Man Utd or Tottenham when you've got the Cardiff Harlequins! What a great name.

From the "Back-to-back games equals lots of fights" file- Toronto vs Buffalo
The first quarter took nearly an hour. I got so many TV shots of players or coaches complaining I finally had to turn it off. I understand that there are lots of penalties sometimes but do we need to explain everything to a pro coach? If so, does it need to be done 4 times in one break? Just makes the call and let's move along gentlemen.
Buffalo's Budd Bailey
Toronto's Sunshine Boy

From the "Back-to-back games equals lots of fights" file- Calgary vs Edmonton
Roughnecks sweep weekend series with reeling Rush.
Calgary Herald
Edmonton Journal

Ryan Benesch not on Washington Stealth Easter Card list
After potting a mittful vs the Stealth earlier this year, Benesch nets the OT winner this time around.

OLA Jr A Draft results
In a shocking development, the OLA Jr A Council posts the draft results the same day as the draft! Popular waging on the public announcement for draft results was June 1st. Let's hope this continues as it's a great step in the right direction....heck we'd love to live blog to draft in the future to make it even more current and note worthy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lax Links for January 24, 2011

Calgary vs Washington- Vince McMahon scouts the game

Penalty-filled punchfest won by the Stealth.

The washington side of the story

Mike Poulin piece on his growth into NLL Starter....maybe a bit early?

Bandits home-opener leaves the fans happy

The Bandits have been around for 20 years? Boy I am getting old because I remember going to games at the Aud!

Buffalo News previews the Bandits Home Opener. Who is the John Tavares guy? Is he any good?

Rock blow late lead to Blazers then win in OT

Can't argue with the writer when he states the OT was was the best NLL Lacrosse I have seen in 6-7 years.

Personal thoughts from the game (yes I was there):
Boston got beat on double picks most of the game, they need to fix that! Cosmo let in a bad goal early in the 4th but it seemed to energize him as he stood on his head for about 9 minutes to let his team make the comeback to tie. Buchanan's goal late in the 4th was a bullet...Watson had no chance. Casey Powell is getting better in the Indoor out! Stephan Leblanc was dangerous all night, Colin Doyle and Blaine Manning were mostly non-factors.

Boston has a tough weekend, K-Hawks youth leading the way

Late goal to tie it then Evans pots the winner early in OT. A tough weekend for Boston

Game preview from Rochester Dem & Chronicle

Mammoth not very mammoth at home

Colorado drops another at home, Coca-Cola beats Pepsi.

Other Links

Lots of goodies this week!
Lacrosse, the fastest game on 4 wheels too.

First Sidney Crosby and now John Tavares

Update on Boston Blazers strip club partnership....Tap Dancers beat Lap Dancers in family environment.

Winter League article...Winter League in Washington I mean.

The MLL had a draft and people noticed!
Here is the draft recap:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lax Links for January 18, 2011

Boston played a game but no one noticed
Apparently the Boston crowd was too busy at the strip club

Alright, someone did report on the game
Not as exciting as lap dances at half time....

Rock win in Rochester...seriously.....this is not a joke
For as long as the Rock have been alive, they have lost in Rochester during the Regular longer!

Buffalo what? Chicken Wings beat Cheesesteaks....Art imitates life
Bandits win in Philly

Mammoth goalie accused on being too good
Calgary wins game of "Posts" but loses where it counts as Mammoth goalie steals a game

Colorado had wire service report on this nothing to add.

Stealth are just that, no one can find the defending champs on the floor
Swarm lambaste the Stealth with big victory.

Other Lax Stuff

Tommy Templeman gives back to the kids
Lacrosse Pioneer, Savant of the "Brick Offence" and all around Saint, Tommy T offers a free clinic for kids in Massachusetts.

Scott Self has a lot of frequent flier miles
He knows all the good places in the NLL.

Derek Keenan off the sugar
Dear lord, what is the world coming too when a Lacrosse Hall of Famer makes a healthy choice? Don't these guys live off beers in the parking lot at IPA??

Rocky Mountain League? Am I missing something?
The Winnipeg Gryphons join the RMLL....I've been to Winnipeg....there ain't no mountains within 500 kms!

Lacrosse helps Minnesota Natives
A good article about the positive impact the Creator's game has on some troubled Native youth in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Definitely worth a read!

For those who missed it earlier this week, I attach the article on the NLL's new partnership with IMG.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lax Links for January 10, 2011

Troy Cordingley has a potty mouth!
A great article on Rock Head Coach Troy Cordingley, mild-mannered grade school teacher by day super intense Lacrosse coach by night.

Tracy Kelusky is to blame for world juniors loss
He moves from Calgary to Buffalo this year...coincidence? I think maybe.

Rock beat Rush-
The Toronto Star loves them some Toronto Rock this week! Edmonton Rush, not so much love.

Edmonton's report is a boring wire service article.

Calgary Roughnecks double header weekend
They open with a victory over Mssrs. Tavares, Steenhuis and Kelusky et al.

Who needs warmups? They played the night before. Calgary barely makes opening faceoff in Everett and then takes down the defending champs.

Stealth not overshadowed by Oregon Ducks.
A couple of articles on the 2010 champs after their 1-1 opening weekend.

A couple of great Photos from the Washington- Colorado game.

Colorado's view on their opening night loss

Rochester wins it in OT....JGJ is gone but Craig Point is the man
Who is this Cody Jamieson guy anyway? Point's third goal of the game seals the K-Hawks victory!

Non-Lacrosse Link of the Week
Since we can always read about something else and learn a thing or two. Facebook "friends" = $50 Billion?