Thursday, March 3, 2011

And he bequeathed to us, The Bible of Lax!

And He bequeathed to us, The Bible of Lax!
Editorial By Sam Rook

No one knows what possessed Larry Power to start The Bible of Lacrosse. It’s probably because he loves the game and the mythical history of the modern game. Whatever drives him to research game results from archives across the province, it is one of the most important jobs currently being done for our game.

The Bible of Lacrosse is not just a compilation of historical statistics, it’s a living, breathing record of our game. From historical game reports from the early 20th Century to his interview series with old stars, The Bible is all-encompassing. The Bible of Lacrosse brings to the game to our homes. It is a travelling Hall of Fame but with far more to offer than the Hall of Fame.

It is important that we all share and contribute to The Bible. Lacrosse is the game we all love. It has become part of our lives that could never have been envisioned when we first picked up a stick. Larry Power no longer plays the game, I don’t even know if he ever actually did play. I do know this though, without Larry and his extensive work our game would be lesser.

Other sports have mythologized their history. Baseball still mentions Babe Ruth as a giant of the game and he played in the 1920’s. We have been far too slow to join this push. Gaylord Powless was a giant of a man. Yet few even know of his existence, inside or outside the game. Lacrosse needs not one Larry Power, but 10 Larry Powers.

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