Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Unofficial OLA Jr A Draft order

We've done some work tracking down traded picks and here is the unofficial draft order for the OLA Jr A Draft to be held later in January. With the player movement freeze lifted in the new year expect lots of movement heading into the draft.

We will do some work and hope to be able to bring you live draft action this year but negotiations have yet to fully begin so don't get too excited. Regardless, we will do our best to bring you all the draft results as fast as possible.

Round 1
1. Six Nations (from Mississauga via Burlington)
2. Whitby (from St. Catharines via Brampton)
3. Toronto
4. Brampton (from KW via Missy)
5. Barrie
6. Peterborough
7. Orangeville
8. Mississauga (from Brampton via Burlington and St. Catharines)
9. KW (from Burlington)
10. Burlington (from Whitby via St. Catharines)
11. St. Catharines (from Six Nations)

Round 2
12. Brampton (from Mississauga via Peterborough and St. Catharines)
13. Burlington (from St. Catharines)
14. Toronto
15. Mississauga (from KW via St. Catharines)
16. Barrie
17. St. Catharines (from Peterborough)
18. St. Catharines (from Orangeville via Mississauga and Six Nations)
19. KW (from Brampton via St. Catharines and Whitby)
20. Six Nations (from Burlington)
21. St. Catharines (from Whitby)
22. Six Nations