Monday, January 17, 2011

Lax Links for January 18, 2011

Boston played a game but no one noticed
Apparently the Boston crowd was too busy at the strip club

Alright, someone did report on the game
Not as exciting as lap dances at half time....

Rock win in Rochester...seriously.....this is not a joke
For as long as the Rock have been alive, they have lost in Rochester during the Regular longer!

Buffalo what? Chicken Wings beat Cheesesteaks....Art imitates life
Bandits win in Philly

Mammoth goalie accused on being too good
Calgary wins game of "Posts" but loses where it counts as Mammoth goalie steals a game

Colorado had wire service report on this nothing to add.

Stealth are just that, no one can find the defending champs on the floor
Swarm lambaste the Stealth with big victory.

Other Lax Stuff

Tommy Templeman gives back to the kids
Lacrosse Pioneer, Savant of the "Brick Offence" and all around Saint, Tommy T offers a free clinic for kids in Massachusetts.

Scott Self has a lot of frequent flier miles
He knows all the good places in the NLL.

Derek Keenan off the sugar
Dear lord, what is the world coming too when a Lacrosse Hall of Famer makes a healthy choice? Don't these guys live off beers in the parking lot at IPA??

Rocky Mountain League? Am I missing something?
The Winnipeg Gryphons join the RMLL....I've been to Winnipeg....there ain't no mountains within 500 kms!

Lacrosse helps Minnesota Natives
A good article about the positive impact the Creator's game has on some troubled Native youth in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Definitely worth a read!

For those who missed it earlier this week, I attach the article on the NLL's new partnership with IMG.

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