Monday, January 31, 2011

Lax Links for January 31

Lots of outside the game news this week.

KKR selling 20% interest in Maverick Lacrosse...err make that Bauer Sports.
Get them while they are hot!

Alex Kedoh Hill works magic on the floor and with the strings
I'm handing him my stick after the turn around he did for Brodie Merrill's game with a few quick string changes.

Lacrosse Summit in the Nations
Sounds very promising....hopefully future events are better promoted to increase attendance

Johnny Mouridian = traitor!
Okay not really, but a good article on his efforts to rebuild the Philly Wings around a more American Player roster.

Now to the game action!

Since you are huge followers of the English Premiership
Who needs Chelsea, Man Utd or Tottenham when you've got the Cardiff Harlequins! What a great name.

From the "Back-to-back games equals lots of fights" file- Toronto vs Buffalo
The first quarter took nearly an hour. I got so many TV shots of players or coaches complaining I finally had to turn it off. I understand that there are lots of penalties sometimes but do we need to explain everything to a pro coach? If so, does it need to be done 4 times in one break? Just makes the call and let's move along gentlemen.
Buffalo's Budd Bailey
Toronto's Sunshine Boy

From the "Back-to-back games equals lots of fights" file- Calgary vs Edmonton
Roughnecks sweep weekend series with reeling Rush.
Calgary Herald
Edmonton Journal

Ryan Benesch not on Washington Stealth Easter Card list
After potting a mittful vs the Stealth earlier this year, Benesch nets the OT winner this time around.

OLA Jr A Draft results
In a shocking development, the OLA Jr A Council posts the draft results the same day as the draft! Popular waging on the public announcement for draft results was June 1st. Let's hope this continues as it's a great step in the right direction....heck we'd love to live blog to draft in the future to make it even more current and note worthy.

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