Friday, June 15, 2012

LLB Live Quick Recap

Peterborough at Whitby

This game had all the hallmarks of an intense game. Both teams/towns are rivals in everything. Peterborough defeated Whitby earlier in the week with a spirited third period comeback. Whitby felt they were robbed on a controversial goal call during the game. We arrived expecting a tightly fought contest.

What we got instead was as thorough a victory as we have seen in some time.

Both teams started out sloppy in the first period as the compressed schedule is obviously taking a toll on the player’s focus. Reilly O’Connor scored a nifty goal as he drove the net, faked a shot to get Danko to drop down (it was a great fake) and then fired it into the top of the net all while he had a man draped all over him. Whitby got a couple of late goals from Ryan Keenan as they started to find their game. Peterborough had two late power plays to get a spark and couldn’t muster much.

The second period saw Whitby pick up their game as they popped 3 goals in the first 5 minutes to extend the lead to 6-0. Peterborough looking disinterested and even their angry penalties were more ire penalties. Nick Weiss finally breaks the shutout and you expect the Lakers to mount a surge. They push harder for the last 10 minutes but Whitby’s D slams the door time and again. The period ends with Graeme Hossack levelling a Lakers ball carrier who is a little to lackadaisical and pays the price. Danko is mercifully pulled after the 7th goal. Rob Crews plays the last half and acquits himself well in the net.

Being down 8-1 after two periods, you expect some fire in the belly response from Peterborough but they just don’t have it. Five straight to start the period by the Warriors brings out the fat lady for a song. I teasingly joke that a Hossack and Lum-Walker odd man rush isn’t like watching Cockerton and Knight on the same rush when Cockerton and Knight prove me right 3 minutes later as Cockerton finishes the scoring with a nice goal past Crews.

Peterborough Star:
I thought backup Rob Crews came in a played pretty well in the second half to give his team a chance to close the gap for the third period. His scorers were not up to the task this game.

Whitby Star:
Reilly O’Connor was great on Offence all night. His goal was a thing of beauty but his ball movement on O was precise and quick. He finished with 1 Goal and 5 Assists.

Unsung Player of the Game:
Graeme Hossack was great on Whitby’s defence all night and even got rewarded with a goal in transition as he fired a long bouncer past Danko. He used his size well to close the middle and was strong on looseballs.

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